For many creatives, the art is what matters. The reality is that without help on the business side of things, it will be difficult to make a living at this.

I’m Yoda for Bands. I help creatives THRIVE! 

There is no reason bands and musicians can’t live off their art form. The problem is, the business side of creativity might seem daunting or you might offload it to someone else and lose control. Worse yet, the music industry has changed so much that advice that worked in the past might have little to no benefit today.

That is why I believe to answer this challenge, we need to look outside of the traditional music business. My quest is to interview bands and musicians to find out the big issues they face and the day to day challenges. I will then bring in advice from today’s leading entrepreneurs with advice specific to this industry. The advice will be fresh, relevant and valuable.

There is incredible value in what you create and you deserve to be financially compensated for your talent and time.

The Rock Star Today Podcast will be streaming soon, and the BLOG will have tips and tricks that will help you tweak what you do, so that you can thrive in this industry.

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