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I miss live music.

Help a Musician Today

Remember that moment, in the bigger venues, where the PA music stops, the lights do dark…and you know the magic is about to start.

For the smaller venues…it’s seeing the band walk on stage and plug in their instruments.

As I think of all the musicians I have witnessed live, those I’ve had an opportunity to interview or speak to at shows…I feel for their plight. Their major source of income has dried up: Live shows.

Remember the ice-bucket challenge? I was thinking…what can I do to kick-start something similar. This is what I came up with.

GIVE 5 TAG 5 Challenge

The Challenge: Pick your favourite local or indie band…reach out to them and give them $5. Once done, tag them on Social Media and tag 5 of your friends to continue the challenge.


That’s it. For the price of a fancy coffee, we can exponentially help out many artists.

While I know that this will not give artists any type of financial stability, it might be enough to brighten their day…and show we care about music and those that create it.

Are you up for the challenge?


If someone wants to create a logo for this, artists could post it on their websites and link it to some form of payment system. Stripe, PayPal, Square are just a few of the free accounts you can setup to get online payments.

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