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Show Notes from The Rock Star Today Podcast.


Episode 11: Interview with Leah Siegel:

October 18, 2020

Spar Cards
Leah’s Song for the Topsy Foundation Commercial that won a Clio Award, Grand LIA and ward at Cannes.

Wim Hof Cold Shower Challenge


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Episode 10: Interview with Meagan Metcalf:

July 12, 2020

Meagan Metcalf & Emily Haines
Lights at the Thunderdome (Montreal)

Dave Hodge (Leisure Cruise, Broken Social Scene)

Sarah Landau (Lighting Designer)

David Timmons (Metric Tour Manager)


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Episode 9: Interview with Winston Yeung: The Power of Your Voice and Your Story

June 29, 2020

Winston Yeung
Interview with Grey Daze

The DJ that helped us discover new bands:  Claude Rajotte

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Episode 8: Interview with Kevin Jenne: The Secret to Making Connections & Adapting Your Work

May 31, 2020

Our Podcast was Outside the Artist Studio (The only thing left are some show notes here.  If anyone is interested, email me and I can find a way to share all the episodes.)
Carone Winery  Bin 33 is one of my favorites!

Kevin and Randal Jose Cuervo

Best Tequila Ever!

John Van Hamersveld’s Posters
Beethoven PosterJimi Hendrix Poster
Orit Shimoni (aka Little Birdie)

Christine Atallah
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Episode 7: Interview with E. Keller Fitzsimmons: Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs and Stepping Away From Your Ego

May 24, 2020

Keller Fitzsimmons

Sneak Peek at the VUCA song Lovely Child (Official release June 29th, 2020)

Recommended Zoom Gear can be found here.

Rock The Green / Rock The Stream

We discussed Give 5 Tag 5


Brain.fm (1 month trial, no credit card required with this link)


Keller’s Book

Backline is a grant-based musician accelerator program.

Sarah Fierek & her Christmas release fundraiser

Strengths Finder

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Episode 6: Interview with Melanie Sodka: How To Manage Your Time To Create Capacity

May 17, 2020


The Capacity Matrix:  Energy, Passion, Fulfilment

Peter Katz

We discussed Give 5 Tag 5

We discussed CHIEF

Fun (the silent F)

Free Ressources:

Free access to the Capacity Creator Course by Melanie Sodka for Rock Star Today Listeners:  Course website (use code:  communitymatters)

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Episode 5: Interview with Saher Ghattas: Effective Marketing For Bands

May 3, 2020

Saher Ghattas

Awareness, Consideration and Decision




Flawless Inbound Website



Episode 4: Interview with Jim Sheils: Redefining quality time with Family Board Meetings

April 26, 2020

Jim Sheils

Jim Sheils

Website: https://18summers.com

Episode 3: Interview with Gabriella Laberge. Lessons from being on The Voice (France) and beyond

April 19, 2020

Gabriella Laberge & Randal

Gabriella Laberge & Randal

Show Notes:

I met Gabriella Laberge at the Thrive Conference
Who is Gabriella?  Watch this to find out:

Gabriella was inspired by Angèle Dubeau

La Voix (The Voice in France) now at 57 Million views!  This was the song that launched her into the stratosphere.  I still get goosebumps & emotional every time I see this…

Gabriella with Sophie Tapie.

Public Speaking coach:  Michael Port

Gabriella is reading a book Priorité Aux Priorité from Stephen R. Covey.  He is best known from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Get 30% more productive using tricks from Brendon Burchard

“You don’t give because you succeed, you succeed because you give.” – Caleb Maddix

MasterMind Talks is where Gabriella won $10,000

Jayson Gaignard’s Podcast is Community Made

Here is the video of the event:  Super Connector Workshop (where you can see the back of my head a few times).

Jayson Gaignards Super Connector Workshop from GEBBS on Vimeo.

La Tribu

Contact Gabriella Laberge:





Episode 2: Interview with Shari Alexander. Helping bands Observe Connect and Influence

April 13, 2020

Sharí Alexander

Show Notes:

We spoke about the book Influence by Robert Cialdini.

Full Movie: Finding Joe

Connect with Sharí Alexander
Free download: mindreaderblueprint.com
Sharí’s blogs is at Shari-Alexander.com

Episode 1:  1,000 True Fans Theory

April 12, 2020

Show Notes:

Article:  1,000 True Fans

Rock Star Today Podcast Preview:  The Post COVID-19 discussion

April 12, 2020

Preview of The Rock Star Today Podcast and the events that inspired the creating of this project.

Show Notes:

We spoke about the book:  The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Virtual MasterMind coming soon.