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There is something about live music that feeds me.  There is also a major part of me that wants to help others.  I just can’t help it.  In these last few years, I’ve had the chance to see some amazing show by incredible performers.  I’ve spoken to many of them, and cherish those moments.  I occasionally get star struck, but for the most part, meeting a band has become normal and my curiosity about the business behind the art takes hold.  My questions always involve the deeper questions and the questions about behind the scenes.

Thrive Las Vegas

Thrive Las Vegas

It was in front of 1000 amazing entrepreneurs in Las Vegas where I promised to create a podcast where I help creatives build a business that allows them to continue creating.  That is my mission.

Chris Record gives me an intro at Thrive Las Vegas Conference.

I started in Podcasting in 2006 with “Outside The Artists Studio Podcast”.  The show was to help creatives with the business of art. While that shows brings back fond memories, this next version will have more focus, actionable information and life experience to share.

Outside The Artist's Studio Podcast

Outside The Artist’s Studio Podcast

I look forward to this journey that begins today, and look forward to helping you thrive in the music business.


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